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A Sensational Breakthrough in Team Building !

Unique – Memorable - Inspiring – Motivational - Energising & Fun

Finding new ways to inspire employees, increase productivity and growth whilst adapting to constant change - having to ‘do more with less’ continues to challenge all organisations. In order to reduce stress levels employers are having to look at unorthodox methods that help ensure that employees including senior management are equipped to manage the increasing demands that are being placed on them.

Corporate Yidaki would never have been considered ten years ago but it contains within it a compelling secret that introduces elements of fun, relaxation and the management of stress which helps to inspire more creativity, a greater sense of well-being combined with increases in personal motivation.

Corporate Yidaki also introduces a new way for employees to think, act and enhance their personal and corporate success whilst providing individuals with the tools to meet the challenges of rapid and unrelenting change.


Corporate Yidaki has it all!  The content is incredibly compelling, engaging and relevant, providing employees with a new found focus and energy drive content that is incredibly compelling, engaging and relevant.