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About Us


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Colin Goring
, ex-Metropolitan Police Detective Constable with over twenty years service, including five years on the murder enquiry team brings together the most unique set of experiences and passions which have been honed into a one day communications development event that is both thought provoking, challenging and result focused.


Trevor Lilley, managing director of TL presentations Ltd, with more than 20 years Sales, Marketing and Management expertise combined with extensive motivational training. Trevor has earned the reputation for being one of the world’s most experienced and successful trade show crowd gatherers.

Trevor has represented major companies in every major country in the world, including: AT & T, Sony, IBM, Mercedes, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, British Petroleum, Unisys, Genesys Telecommunications, BET-Initial, Panasonic, Calor Gas, Vodafone-Paknet, Quality International Inc, Thorn EMI, Royal Scottish Assurance, Storage Tech, Aspect Telecommunications, Tandon, Kodak, Rank National Westminster Bank and Dedicated Micros.

Their combined experiences and strengths ensure great results, improved performance and increased commitment to excellence.