What is Corporate Yidaki ?
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What is Corporate Yidaki ?


At the very north eastern tip of Arnhem Land in Northern Australia is the Gove Peninsula, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. It is the land of the Yolngu people and the birthplace of the Yidaki. Some believe its sound was first heard well over 20,000 years ago and its song carries the history of the people who have inhabited and survived in this land across the years.

It is from this ancient place that we have developed ‘Corporate Yidaki’ into its present form.

The Yolngu are one of the most special and important people on the earth today, based upon their wisdom and their ability to recognise and meet head–on, the changes that are constantly challenging their culture.

Our travels to their homeland provided us with the opportunity to share this insight with you and your business.

Their survival methods and ability to adapt to change is legendary – in Corporate Yidaki you will discover and learn the secrets behind playing the Yidaki (the Aboriginal name for what we call the didgeridoo). These techniques combined with the joy and fun of learning makes this event a ‘not to be missed opportunity’ – but there’s more …

Their success can be yours, learning from their wealth of wisdom could help you to meet and overcome the changes facing our corporate business world.